When there is great desire…

It’s time for my second internship, but before telling you about the place it was held, I’m going to tell you how I decided to go there. During my first internship, everybody talked about the best hotel in Greece, the Costa Navarino, in the region of Messinia in Peloponnesus and more specifically, in Pylos. So it was my goal to work there the following summer, as I finally did. During the 2013 summer I was working there.

High and demanding standards….

On May 26th, 2013, my trip to Pylos began. A long bus trip, via Athens. I arrived at noon and what I saw was really amazing! A lavish hotel of exceptional beauty and vast acreage. There were incredible staff facilities, where we could feel familiar. I used to work in Eleon restaurant (which doesn’t exist anymore), at the Romanos Resort. I was very lucky to be there, as I was the only intern. We were a great team with both experienced, “powerful” and new chefs. Doxis Bekris, Apostolos Dimou and George Mavrogiannopoulos, who was the chef of the restaurant I was working, were my teachers. We worked under pressure, in demanding situations and long hours. Personally, I used to go to the kitchen at 8:30 in the morning, to see how the whole preparation was made and I left at 1:30 after midnight, five days a week. The rest we had our day off. It was difficult for me, but I learned a lot and after hard work I was rewarded, as I didn’t work as an intern, but as the second chef. I was extremely nervous during that period that I lost a lot of weight (10kilos in 2 months time).

Having fun…

During the week we had some time to have fun. We used to go swimming or visiting our favorite place Yalova, which is a small village near Pylos. We went there after finishing work, at 2:00 after midnight, to eat ice cream or souvlaki. The hotel and the region of Voidokilia are worth a visit, as well as Yalova and the rest of the Peloponnesus. It is an incredible place.

Problems and duties….

Unfortunately, during my internship in Pylos, my family faced significant health problems which I couldn’t stop thinking, so I wasn’t able to finish my training, as I had to return to Volos. I had a great experience, it was the most luxurious place l had ever been and I really look forward to going back again as I haven’t completed my mission and for old times’ sake.