Caramelized pork pancetta and handmade pitta bread

Caramelized pork pancetta and handmade pitta bread


Caramelized pork pancetta and handmade pitta bread

Difficulty: Intermediate Preparation time 30 min Cooking time 20 min Ωρα ξεκούρασης 12 hour Total time: 12 hrs 50 mins Portions: 2



Pitta bread


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Pitta bread

  1. Put all the ingredients, except water, into the mixer’s bowl. Beat with the hook attachment.

  2. While beating, add water and keep beating for 5-7 minutes, until we have a flexible dough.

  3. Knead the dough and make a ball. Wrap with a plastic wrap and put in fridge, for 12 hours to rest.

  4. After 12 hours, divide the dough in 8-10 equal pieces and roll out, until it is very thick. Fry in a frying pan over medium to high heat, until golden. Set aside.

Pancetta and marinade

  1. Put pepper, cardamom and cedar beans in a grinding bowl and ground them.

  2. Add honey, mandarin zest and grinded spices in a bowl.

  3. Mix well.

  4. Put pancettas into a deep bowl and add the 3⁄4 of the marinade. Mix slightly.

  5. Cover with plastic wrap and put in fridge for 12 hours. Mix once.

  6. Put pancettas on the oven rack and a baking pan below it. Baste with any liquid left and season with salt.

  7. Roast in preheated oven at 200℃, on the resistors, for 8 minutes, each side. Then set on grill at 250℃ and grill for 2,5 minutes each side or until they are caramelized.

  8. When ready, put the 1⁄4 of marinade into a non frying pan and dunk each pancetta for a few seconds.

  9. Put some vinegar to the onion.

  10. Serve in a wooden surface with piktogalo cheese, salt, pepper, parsley and olive oil.

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