Octopus in tomato sauce

Octopus in tomato sauce


Octopus in tomato sauce

Difficulty: Intermediate Preparation time 10 min Cooking time 55 min Total time: 1 hr 5 mins Portions: 2



  1. Cut the octopus in chunk pieces.

  2. Cut the vegetables in asymmetrical, chunk pieces, roughly as the octopus’s size.

  3. Add olive oil in a warm, non-stick frying pan and sautée the octopus, on high heat, for 3 minutes.

  4. Next, add the bay laurel leaves, the spice, the cinnamon, the oregano and mix.

  5. Add the garlic, whether as a whole or cut in slices and the rest of the vegetables. Continue to sautée for another 3 minutes, always on high heat.

  6. Add the tomato paste, heat it well and deglaze with vinegar.

  7. Next, add the tomato juice or sauce and mix well.

  8. Finally, add salt, pepper and hot water, just enough so it doesn’t cover the ingredients, roughly 200-300 grams, depending on the utensil you use.

  9. Let the food boil and next, lower the heat at the 1⁄3 of the kitchen’s dynamic and simmer with the cover on, for 40-45 minutes.

  10. Optionally serve with finely chopped stems of parsley!

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