Greek New Year’s cake – Vasilopita

Greek New Year’s cake – Vasilopita


Greek New Year’s cake – Vasilopita

Difficulty: Beginner Preparation time 20 min Cooking time 40 min Total time: 1 hr Portions: 10



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  1. In a non-stick, 24 cm, round cake tin, which you should grease first, line the bottom of the cake tin with a cut parchment paper and afterwards grease again.

  2. Melt the phytin at low temperature.

  3. In a bowl add eggs, milk, orange juice, cognac, sugar, vanilla powder and beat very well, using a whisk.

  4. Next, add the salt and the flour, keep beating with the whisk and then start beating using a spatula, in order to have a fine and homogenous mixture.

  5. Add the mixture in the cake tin and pound it on your working bench, so there won’t be kept any trapped air.

  6. Bake in a preheated oven, at 175℃, set on fan, for 40-42 minutes at the middle spot of your oven.

  7. Remove the cake from the oven and after 5-10 minutes, remove the cake carefully from the tin and place it on a rack to cool it down. You must also remove the parchment paper.

  8. When it has completely cooled down, wrap the florin or a coin with aluminum foil and place it in the bottom side of the cake.

  9. Finally, sprinkle with a lot of powdered sugar.


  1. Let the cake cool down completely before you sprinkle it with powdered sugar. If the powdered sugar drops on a hot spot, it will become yellow.
  2. The portions are subjective, depending on the pieces you will cut.
  3. Make the cake one day before, so you can save time.
  4. Don’t forget the florin.
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