Easter smyrneika cookies

Easter smyrneika cookies


Easter smyrneika cookies

Difficulty: Beginner Preparation time 30 min Cooking time 20 min Total time: 50 mins Portions: 62



  1. Using the mixer’s paddle (if you have) beat the phytin with the sugar at low speed, for 8 minutes, until they have become fluffy.

  2. Add the eggs one by one, while you continue beating at the slowest speed.

  3. Add the ammonia in the milk, mix well and add it into the mixer’s bowl, while you keep beating at the same speed.

  4. Add the baking soda in the orange juice, mix well until it has become fluffy and add it in the mixer’s bowl. Keep beating at the same speed.

  5. Add the zest and the vanillas, mix and then remove the mixer’s bowl.

  6. Add the flour in increments while mixing with a spatula and then remove the dough from the mixer’s bowl and knead with your hands, on the working bench, until you have a smooth and malleable dough.

  7. In a tray, add a parchment paper.

  8. Shape into small balls, each weighing 30 grams and next, mold them into whatever shape you want to.

  9. Place the cookies into the tray, roughly 25 can fit and then bake them in a preheated oven, at 180℃, set on fan, for 20 minutes, at the middle rack of the oven.

  10. While the first batch of cookies are being baked, prepare the second.

  11. Once they have cooled down, place them in a glass utensil with a lid.

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