Pasta with chestnut pesto

Pasta with chestnut pesto

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Pasta with chestnut pesto

Difficulty: Beginner Preparation time 5 min Cooking time 10 min Total time: 15 mins Portions: 2


Ingredients for pasta

Ingredients for chestnut pesto


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  1. Boil water.

  2. Put the chestnut pesto ingredients into a blender bowl and beat. Add basil in 3-4 bunches, so as to be well blended.

  3. Put the pesto into a bowl.

  4. Add salt in the boiling water and boil the pasta, according to its boiling instructions.

  5. In the bowl with the pesto, add a little of the boiling water of the pasta and mix.

  6. When the pasta is ready, add it with tongs or a ladle, into the pesto bowl and mix. Taste and adjust to your liking.

  7. Serve in a deep plate.

  8. Grate some chestnuts, add olive oil and some basil on top.

  9. Grind some pink pepper, optionally.

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