Potatoes and eggs sandwich in the wood oven

Potatoes and eggs sandwich in the wood oven


Potatoes and eggs sandwich in the wood oven

Difficulty: Beginner Preparation time 10 min Cooking time 10 min Total time: 20 mins Portions: 1



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  1. In a frying pan add the bacon and sauteé it, at medium to high heat, from both sides, until golden. Then remove it.

  2. Cut the baguette lengthwise, slightly grease her, roast her in the same frying pan, but only her internal side, barely heat her. Then remove.

  3. Crack the eggs in a bowl and season them with salt and pepper.

  4. Add a bit of olive oil in the frying pan, let it heat well and then add the French fries and heat them slightly.

  5. Add the eggs, shake the frying pan so the eggs are spread all over the pan, add the grated cheese and bake them for 1 minute max.

  6. Next flip the eggs, bake for 15 seconds and remove the frying pan from heat.

  7. Mix the mayo with the truffle oil.

  8. Spread the mayo on both sides of the baguette, make sure you do the same thing with the bacon.

  9. Wrap the ‘’omelette’’ as best as you can and place her in the lower part of the baguette.

  10. Add pickles of your liking, close the upper part of the baguette, wrap with aluminum foil and enjoy.


  1. You can do this recipe in your kitchen, fireplace or wherever you like.
  2. It’s a recipe made by the leftovers from the Christmas holidays.
  3. You can add chicken, pork, turkey or beef.
Keywords: sandwich, eggs, potatoes, wood, oven