Roasted pork chops with potatoes and onions

Roasted pork chops with potatoes and onions


Roasted pork chops with potatoes and onions

Difficulty: Beginner Preparation time 10 min Cooking time 50 min Total time: 1 hr Portions: 4



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  1. 2 hours before roasting, season the steaks with salt and refrigerate.

  2. Half an hour before roasting, remove and set aside.

  3. Wash up the onions and potatoes.

  4. Cut the onions and potatoes, as I said above and put them in a baking pan. Grease and season with salt and pepper. Add any fresh herb.

  5. Put the steaks on the oven rack.

  6. Place the rack on the second level of the oven.

  7. Place the baking pan with the potatoes and onions below the rack, so as the dripping of the steaks to lick into.

  8. Cook on the resistors at 200℃ for 10-15 minutes, each side.

  9. Set the oven to grill at 250℃.

  10. We grill each side of the steaks, for 5 minutes, so as to golden. The middle of the steaks will have a brighter color.

  11. Remove from the oven and cover with aluminum foil.

  12. Put the baking pan with the potatoes in the higher level of the oven, for 10 minutes to caramelize.

  13. The baking pan will be full of liquid. This would be the drippings and liquid of the steaks. It’s tasteful!


  1. Roasting is simple. You just have to find the right way.
  2. Both fan and grill are even better, if you have a new technology oven.
  3. Season the steaks well with salt.
  4. It’s a simple recipe, but rarely are the steaks as soft as they should be.
  5. Don’t buy totally lean steaks (unless there is a health issue).
  6. Personally, I think lemon juice doesn’t match with the flavor of pork meat. Use zest instead.
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