Swedish chocolate cake (Kladdkaka)

Swedish chocolate cake (Kladdkaka)


Swedish chocolate cake (Kladdkaka)

Difficulty: Beginner Preparation time 5 min Cooking time 15 min Ωρα ξεκούρασης 15 min Total time: 35 mins Portions: 8



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  1. Melt the butter.

  2. Whisk the eggs with the sugar in a bowl, with a hand whisk (not mixer).

  3. Then add the flour, the cocoa and the vanillas and mix well.

  4. Add the melted butter and mix, until you have a nice, thick mixture.

  5. Butter a 24cm cake tin, sprinkle with grated biscuit and a bit of cocoa and then add the mixture.

  6. Bake in preheated oven at 200℃, set on fan, for 12-15 minutes. The longer you bake, the more gooey the cake will be.

  7. Let it cool down and then cut.


  1. This cake doesn’t expand very much, it’s flat, like a big biscuit.
  2. You can serve with whipped cream, icing sugar, strawberries or raspberries.
  3. Traditionally, in Sweden, they eat this cake with their hands and the point is to make your hands dirty.
  4. Its traditional name is Kladdkaka.
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