A few words about me

I was born in 1989 in Volos. My descent is from Makrinitsa, a picturesque village in Mount Pilio and I come from a family with many children.

My first years

Cooking was not my option at first . Since I was 13 years old and for 8 years I had been working in a garage. At the same time I was interested in sports and nutrition which led me to cooking world. So I decided to attend cooking classes in a local cook school, in Volos. It was the moment , when I realized that the kitchen was my second home , where taste and senses become one same thing.

The devotion and the first awards

I was declared “the best student “ both at my cooking school and my internship. When I graduated, I began to work with well-known chefs , in top hotels like the Aldemar Olympian Village and The Romanos- Costa Navarino.

My first steps abroad

Since I love traveling I wished to continue my internship in Sweden (Hard Rock Cafe-Gothenburg) and in France (La Guerite-Cannes, France), so as to broaden my horizons and my cooking skills.

The return

After my father’s loss, I decided to come back to my hometown so as to help my family. There, “MeZen” came to my life and became a significant point in my cooking career as it “put” the taste in my hands.

The advance and the competition

In May 2016 I moved to Belgium to work in L’air du temps which is a 2 Michelin stars’ restaurant. In autumn I came back to Volos and I worked as a chef in a well-known local restaurant. In 2017 I went back to Sweden where I made the craziest decision of my life, to enroll in Masterchef competition. I was focused on winning since the beginning and after hard work and devotion I managed to become the 2018 Greek Masterchef. That was only the beginning! Later I attended many other events, both in Greece and abroad.


In spring, 2019, I went to Crete to work in a restaurant in which I discovered my traditional aspect. Since then I am trying to combine traditional and modern cooking. My hometown, Pilio, and my family’s interest in herbs and cultivation helped me a lot. During autumn, 2019, I took part in a competition in Miami in which I won first prize. Then I went to Finland for a while and then I worked as an intern in one of the most popular restaurants of Sweden. Daniel Berlin Krog, which has 2 Michelin Stars and many cooks dream to work there. I was offered a job but the Covid-19 pandemic changed my plans. After a doubtful period, in summer 2020, my love for tradition led me to Farma project. My dream for a combination between traditional and modern cooking,became true. Also, I created my YouTube channel. Vintage influences and Greek materials like “ tsalapata “ brick were used to make my own studio in which I create and feature simple, affordable and of good quality traditional goods.

My philosophy

My philosophy and my cooking identity will be understood through my recipes and not through words, but I want you to remember this: “sometimes devotion beats talent”.