Madrid *2

December 2018, a few days before new year’s arrival. Being the winner of Master Chef competition, with no job yet (I have never known the reason why), but with enough money from the award, I was thinking of doing something to move on, to learn something at least.

I was thinking…..

<<Having no job and nothing else to do, what should I do? To travel, of course >>

I thought of what I had already done, what I would like to see, what it would be useful to improve myself. So I decided to go to Madrid, where a friend of mine was and I had never had the chance to visit, as I could not afford such a trip.

Every year, in late January, a top gastronomy meeting ,called Madrid Fusion, is held there. The best chefs of the world take part and many seminars, meetings, new techniques take place there.

I booked my plane tickets and my tickets for the seminar and I waited for my new experience to begin.

I started my trip with excitement. I travelled from Volos to Thessaloniki, then to Constantinople and from there to Madrid. The flight lasted about 4.5 hours. When I landed, I took the bus to the city center. As crossing the city, I realized how beautiful Madrid is. One of the most beautiful places I have visited. It’s a clean city, with amazing buildings and grey color around that makes you feel relaxed.

After reaching my hotel, I waited for my friends to pick me up and go to taste traditional tapas and pintxos. Great food, beer and vermouth. It’s a kind like the Greek tsipouradiko (a kind of restaurant).

After eating, drinking and having fun, we strolled around the city and returned to the hotel. I couldn’t wait to meet the pioneers of the worldwide gastronomy.

I left the hotel early in the morning, at about 7:30, and I started my day with a hot cup of coffee and Spanish tortilla in a hot baguette, at a cozy little cafe.

Later, I went to catch the subway to go to the meeting. I have to admit, that it was a bit difficult to find my way down there.

When I arrived, I was a little nervous, but also pleased to see some of the most legendary chefs. I wished to work with them.

The meeting lasted 3 days. Three days full of knowledge, techniques, ideas, innovation, culture, philosophy, a lot of new people to meet, suggestions that make you more interested in what you’ve already loved and inspire you even more, so as to become a motive yourself.

My friends left, but I stayed one more day to see the city further. Museums, restaurants, small shops, food markets and the football court of Real Madrid were some of the places I visited.

When I was back home, I promised myself to visit Madrid, during the Madrid Fusion, every year. As I did the following year. Not only did I go, but I cooked with a Spanish chef, thanks to a beverages company. When I was asked how much money I would like to be paid, I only asked for my tickets!

All in all, that was my trip to Madrid. What you have to remember from this trip is that” knowledge is power”.