Fasted pancakes

Fasted pancakes


Fasted pancakes

Difficulty: Beginner Preparation time 10 min Cooking time 10 min Total time: 20 mins Portions: 4


Ingredients for the pancakes

For the sauce


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  1. Mix the water with the sunflower oil in a bowl.

  2. Add the rest of the ingredients in the bowl and mix them very, very well, until you have a smooth gruel.

  3. Heat a non-stick frying pan, at medium to high heat and add in it a spoonful of margarine or seed oil.

  4. With a shallow ladle, add a little portion of the gruel at the center of the frying pan. Once you see the first bubbles, flip the pancake and bake its other side, for a few seconds.

  5. Serve with a sauce of your liking, fruits of the forest and icing sugar.


  1. In a bowl add the baking chocolate and the peanut butter.

  2. Heat the almond milk in a pot very well.

  3. Add the heated almond milk in the bowl with the rest of the ingredients and mix very well with a spoon, until you have a shiny and fluid cream.

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