My first cooking experience

It’s late of May 2012. The beginning of my cooking career. I had just finished the first year of cooking school and we were to be informed about where we would go to practice. I was told that I would go to Aldemar Olympian Village, in Pyrgos, in Ilia region and more specifically in Skafidia. I had never been to Pyrgos and also, it was the first time I had been away from my house for so long. I looked forward to going on my first trip with my best friend John, during our practice.

Let’s start….

We traveled from Larissa to Pyrgos by bus. It was a long trip, about 7 hours but we couldn’t wait to arrive. During the trip we were thinking about what we would meet. When we arrived, we grabbed a taxi and went to the hotel. Personally, (not having experienced vacations in an expensive hotel) I saw an “oasis “, I had the best first impression of the hotel. We met the chef, Dimitris Karabinis and then we went to our rooms. At first, it was a bit strange to share my room with other three people, but I really didn’t care as I was there to work and gain experience.


My destiny and my interest in prizes…

Since the first day, I really understood that I was made for cooking, despite my 22 years. As time went by, both me and the others could see that cooking was my destiny! I had a really positive attitude and that was an important boost. It was just the beginning, but I was sure about the following days. It would be a hard but a beautiful period of time. I realized that hard working is necessary, if you want to be improved. Meanwhile we were having fun, we were hanging out until late, but during work, we were serious. In the mid summer I heard about the award of the best student of the year and it became my goal. Not only to gain knowledge, but also to win the prize. Time went by, we learned important things, we had great time and after hard working I won the prize. That was the beginning, the next prize was the one of the best student at cooking school. Later, I won the Master chef contest and then the contest in America.


The end of practice and my return…

On 2 October 2012, I started my trip back to Volos, being full of cooking experiences, memories and my first cooking prize. Being satisfied from practice, we were getting ready for the second year of cooking school.