Fried eggs with Cretan apaki

Fried eggs with Cretan apaki


Fried eggs with Cretan apaki

Difficulty: Beginner Preparation time 5 min Cooking time 10 min Total time: 15 mins Portions: 1



  1. Put a lot of oil in a frying pan and crack the eggs into it.

  2. PLace the frying pan over low heat and cover it. it takes 8-10 minutes, it depends on the temperature.

  3. Place another frying pan over high heat and slice apaki. Put it into the frying pan and sauté each side, for 15 seconds and remove it.

  4. Into the same frying pan, bake the bread until it gets crisp. About 2 minutes totally.

  5. Check the eggs. If they are almost ready, you can pour hot oil on them, so as to boost the cooking procedure.

  6. Serve in shallow plate with the apaki, bread, a little feta cheese and a lot of salt, pepper and oregano.